RAY CHU Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: Embracing the Ocean with Courage

RAY CHU proudly announces the upcoming release of its highly anticipated 2024 Spring/Summer collection. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, this season's collection is centered around the enigmatic Manta Ray, intertwining the marine ecosystem with the spirit of bravery.

RAY CHU invites you on a journey into a beachside daydream. Drawing inspiration from the depths of the ocean and the graceful dance of the Manta Ray, a captivating tableau comes to life. As the sun bathes the golden shores, the collection transports you into a realm of freedom and courage.

The collection features a palette rich in soft blues and sandy whites, complemented by hints of ocean green and fiery red, painting a vivid narrative. Notably, Ray Chu has harnessed innovative 3D printing technology to recreate the skeletal structure of the Manta Ray, highlighting the importance of safeguarding marine ecosystems and advocating for environmental conservation.

To fulfill higher sustainability goals, 80% of the fabrics this season consist of natural materials. Collaborating with Taiwanese manufacturers, Chu has created fabrics with fish-scale textures and utilized the latest biodegradable polyester fibers. Ray Chu have managed to seamlessly align their marine inspirations with their conscious design, paying homage to the beauty of the ocean and fulfilling the brands commitment to environmental responsibility.

"RAY CHU has consistently merged creativity with responsibility," said Creative Director Ray Chu. "This collection pays homage to nature and resonates with the spirit of bravery. Through our designs, we aim to inspire awareness towards environmental concerns, encouraging us all to be better stewards of the Earth."

RAY CHU's 2024 Spring/Summer collection stands as a masterpiece that harmonizes aesthetics, imagination, and sustainability, presenting a beautifully optimistic vision of the future through fashion. Stay tuned-in to our official channels for more information about the collection and its release date.

We also collaborate with Velo, a cycling accessories brand based on top-notch technology genes and the blessing of aesthetics and art, inject fashion design concepts into the design of cycling accessories, and give cycling a more spiritual experience. VELO is no longer limited to bringing consumers the most comfortable riding, it is your fashion Cycling accessories.

This season we collaborate with Taiwanese skincare brand “enoeno" skin care which embodies the spirit of "removing unnecessary elements and leaving beneficial ingredients for the skin." The entire product line is the result of the founder's study of skincare theories and knowledge, along with input from a skincare product PhD, multiple tests, and careful elimination of unnecessary ingredients. The products emphasize safety, ample addition of effective ingredients, and the absence of silicon, chemical sunscreens, fragrances, allergenic pigments, and alcohol. The goal is to provide everyone with a healthy, vegan, non-toxic, and hassle-free skincare routine. After using it for some time, you can witness the skin's balance and stability.

The "Facial Mask" from enoeno is also used as skincare by runway models before applying makeup. It contains a sufficient amount of repairing ingredients to make makeup adhere smoothly. The mask's packaging material is sustainable and environmentally friendly, with the mask itself made from cottonseed plush, using long fibers that naturally adhere, without the addition of chemical adhesives. It effectively delivers the essence to the skin and is biodegradable, following a sustainable and eco-friendly production process from raw materials to production.

enoeno collaborates with Ray Chu due to their shared values, choosing environmentally friendly materials in both fashion and skincare. Their collaboration during fashion week incorporates the use of recycled fabrics, aiming to develop in the fashion and skincare industries while fulfilling their responsibility to protect the Earth.


About RAY CHU:

RAY CHU is a fashion brand that values innovation and sustainability, striving to merge beauty with responsibility. Known for breaking traditional norms with uniquely personalized designs, the brand emphasizes material selection and environmental practices. Through every collection, RAY CHU conveys a fashion philosophy that upholds both beauty and responsibility.

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