The Spring Summer 23 Collection sees RAY CHU presenting 25 complete genderless looks with a unique, distinctive and contemporary aesthetic, the KISS ME collection pays homage to sensuality with an experimental implementation.

This season features bold silhouettes with a subtle dreamy colour palette, paired alongside intricate additions such as the lace embroidery and hand sewn details. Turquoise Blue, Bone Ivory and Powder Violet are three key colours of the CHAPTER V KISS ME collection, the vivid colour palette is used as a visual expression of the passionate personal desires that inspire the Spring Summer 23 collection. RAY CHU’s recognisable metallic logo and motifs have also made their way into the collection being applied across simple crop tops to balance the statement sequin pieces and strong tailoring seen throughout Spring Summer 23. Being a positively conscious and sustainable label, CHU collaborated with the Taiwanese LAB 808 to create a new vegan leather using recycled plastics, tea leaves and pineapple fibres to build the key fabrics for this collection.

RAY CHU in collaboration with extraordinary Japanese artist, Tomomi Mizukoshi, co-created the “Kiss Me” motif from which the collection takes the name - represented with two eggplants French kissing each other. CHU and Mizukoshi also worked together to create RAY CHU’s first featured print that takes inspiration from the romantic Thailand sunset. Tomomi Mizukoshi’s works are inspired by daily life, through her humorous, formal, and constitutive artistic expression, she redefines the world and creates a crazy and wonderful two-dimensional space. This powerful sense of control over every element provides the viewer with an unusual aesthetic of neatness and order, making Tomomi Mizukoshi's illustrations surreal and the perfect fit for RAY CHU’s Spring Summer 23 collection.

This season’s showcase has a general focus on fluidity and holds an emphasis on the journey to LOVE, whatever form that may take for an individual. The presentation highlights the intimate moments to finding ones inner peace.


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