Collection: RAY CHU S/S 2022 - I HEART YOU

Inspired by love, RAY CHU collaborates with an illustration artist, Loli Yang and CG artist Loxel from Shanghai  and two production teams from Taipei transforming the concept of intimacy between two by digitalizing the illustrations to CG intercourse position and melting heart plus highly intense film pace centers  the core of this collection. This is a genderless collection with a nice touch of newly introduced JWL line.  

The Melting Heart heart shapes and intimate graphic motif used applies to this collection throughout printing, decor, embroidery patches, cut outs, organic design lines, and our JWL lines. It represents the epic center of the collection and manifests in all forms of love and fluidity. Dreamy, pastel Lavender; icy, buttery Lemon; and Glossy Noir are three key colors for S/S22, illustrating euphoria and rich endorphins, the climactic feelings of being intimate with someone which we all long for, even in times of minimal human connection.