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RAY CHU x dadiogaosai Limited Earrings (完售- 不追加)

RAY CHU x dadiogaosai Limited Earrings (完售- 不追加)

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dadiogaosai (9.2cm*0.8cm)
RAY CHU (7cm*1.2cm) ® (0.5*0.5cm)
® (0.5*0.5cm)

Material : 抗敏鋼
Size : F

 商品已完售 如欲購入需等待 7-14天 的運送週期

From RAY CHU :

The starting point of RAY CHU X dadiogaosai was where we met in a exhibition back in Taipei.

Dadiogaosai is an amazing brand which specializes in combining traditional craftsmanship into something modern and we share similar design aesthetic together.

RAY CHU has been always inspired by the era of fashion from the 80-90s and reinvent to something sparkle, dazzle and eye-catching.

After a few discussion together, we reached a decision of doing a collaboration of launching something new which both of us have never tried before, except for, previously, RAY CHU has been experimenting doing a few pieces of acc among their collections, and our customers has been asking if when we will be launching our acc line.

The concept of this collaboration is that we both are strong characterized brands which both names has been around among people in Taiwan and we would like to use this by a modern image of selling it through our brand image.

So here we are, an amazing collaboration with dadiogaosai is launching soon!

From Dadiogaosai

RAY是我厲害的新朋友,他的品牌RAY CHU是一個很帥氣的牌子,我喜歡他的風格版型剪裁還有他用的布料,他的品牌呈現形象既內斂又大器,很多藝人都喜歡用他的作品表演,這一次很高興可以跟他一起合作,希望我們這個小島上的設計師們都越來越好,然後像鯨魚一樣游出去全世界吧哇哈哈哈.


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